Her Dreams Matter Too

…it’s not about us…

“It’s not about us, it is about cultivating the game the gave so much to us. It’s about guaranteeing that kids everywhere can learn, grow, bond and have fun.”

Peyton Manning

Colorado Softball Academy Foundation, Inc. is a Colorado 501(c)(3) charitable organization on a mission to provide equitable opportunities for girls in sports and support equitable training opportunities for the WHOLE athlete – Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.

CSAF is anchored in the concept that girls of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and socioeconomic status, should have equitable and high quality playing and training opportunities. Our goal is to support quality program opportunities for girls in softball that provide them with a foundation to learn and grow as strong and confident leaders in society.  Whether it’s opportunities playing at the youth grassroots level, opportunities to play in college, opportunities to afford your summer team player fees, or an opportunity to be part of a positive and constructive community of female-athletes – our girls deserve an opportunity! 


Provide opportunities for female-athletes through:

The creation of and support for instructional youth softball leagues and teams.

Scholarship programs that remove financial barriers inhibiting an athletes player development and participation opportunities. 

Leadership development programs that enable female-athletes to learn life and confidence building skills. 

Provide mental health support resources for female-athletes, including:

Free mental health counseling/ resources in partnership with local health professionals.

Programs & Opportunities

Girls with Game

To truly be on top of your game, you must train be healthy and train all aspects – Physically, Mentally & Emotionally. The Girls with Game Program is a mental health counseling program available for female-athlete who display behavioral signs or express interest in general counseling, as well as sports psychology support. This program will allow female-athletes involved in any sport the opportunity to receive mental health coaching and/or professional counseling from a medical professional at no cost. It’s time to remove the stigma!

Play Like A Girl

On average, costs associated with playing softball can range from $150/ yr. (a 6 year old in t-ball) to $15,000/yr. (for a committed athlete with goals of playing in college)! The average bat costs approximately $350 alone. The Play Like a Girl Scholarship Program will offset financial constraints and provide scholarships to female-athletes to cover costs associated with player-fees, training costs, exposure camps, event travel costs etc.

An athletes love for the game shouldn’t be limited by financial constraints.

Coach Leadership Development Program 

Coaches have a tremendous influence on kids. This influence can make or break their experience, performance and overall confidence. If done correctly, coaches are mentors for life! In order to attract, retain and train quality coaches and mentors, the Coaching Stipend Program will offer paid coaching opportunities for youth softball coaches. Our goal is to reward quality coaching and provide incentives that will support the goal of increasing the opportunities for girls to play softball at all ages.